White Tail Films is an independent television production company founded in Scotland in 2012. We specialise in natural history and are currently taking our landmark series Scotland’s Wild West (3x60’) to market. We have a strong award-winning team, who bring years of programme-making experience to the table. White Tail Films was excited to deliver five immersive wildlife films to BBC Landward in 2019 and one to Springwatch for 2020.

At the heart of everything we do is story. We use dramatic character arcs, emotion and spectacle to drive our narratives forward. Our key to success so far has been to keep it simple and keep it strong!


Our team’s credits include: BBC/PBS Natural World, BBC The Tay, BBC Wild Shetland, BBC Highlands: Scotland’s Wild Heart, BBC Turtle, Eagle, Cheetah: A Slow Odyssey, BBC Gudrun the Viking Princess, BBC Countryfile, Channel 4 Real, Fake or Unknown, Theatrical Wild Romania, Nat Geo Destination Wild Europe, Theatrical Poached the Movie, Discovery Wildest Islands, BBC Born to Be Wild, Nat Geo Destination Wild Indonesia, France 5 World’s Wildest City, Discovery Wildest Indochina, NHK Great Nature, Discovery Wildest Latin America, Discovery Wildest India, Discovery Wildest Africa, BBC/Animal Planet All About Animals and BBC Creatures Like Us. 



A landmark natural history series (3 x 60 mins) that showcases never-before-seen behaviour, intimate wildlife stories and high drama. With hundreds of filming days over a five-year period the series is packed with rare encounters and behaviour that allows audiences to look at wildlife characters in a new way, from wing-clapping owls and dancing adders to red deer battles, dolphins fishing and otter cubs learning to hunt. Filmed at resolutions up to 5K on Red cameras we’ve captured wildlife in true cinematic style for the first time on Scotland’s west coast.

Employing all our previous experience of editing and filming BBC bluechip, we’ve pushed our storytelling skills to the limit to deliver a cinematic experience that make these documentaries stand apart. Evocative 100% animal character stories drive the narrative and are carefully fused with the latest science to deliver both an emotional rollercoaster ride and fascinating journey into the lives of animals living life on Scotland’s ultimate frontier.


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