Creative Director

Producer / Camera / Editor

Pete founded White Tail Films in Scotland in 2012 and works hands on across various disciplines, giving him an in-depth insight into most elements of television production including producing, camera and editing. Over five years he's directed and produced the landmark wildlife series Scotland’s Wild West. He’s won awards for playwriting and directing, and his writing for broadcast includes natural history and comedies. Pete started in television eighteen years ago and specialises in natural history. His experience extends to comedies, obs-docs, magazine shows, antiques, children’s, drama and game shows.


Pete loves to tell stories in new and innovative ways that challenge audiences intellectually, while moving them to tears and laughter!


Pete’s credits include: BBC/PBS Natural World, BBC The Tay, BBC Wild Shetland, BBC Highlands: Scotland’s Wild Heart, BBC Turtle, Eagle, Cheetah: A Slow Odyssey, BBC Gudrun the Viking Princess, BBC Countryfile, BBC Springwatch, Channel 4 Real, Fake or Unknown, Theatrical Wild Romania, Nat Geo Destination Wild Europe, Theatrical Poached the Movie, Discovery Wildest Islands, BBC Born to Be Wild, Nat Geo Destination Wild Indonesia, France 5 World’s Wildest City, Discovery Wildest Indochina, NHK Great Nature, Discovery Wildest Latin America, Discovery Wildest India, Discovery Wildest Africa, BBC/Animal Planet All About Animals and BBC Creatures Like Us.


Producer / Editor

Dan has been a professional filmmaker for over fifteen years and spent that time wearing most of the creative hats within the filmmaking process, including working on Bafta nominated series for Aardman Animations and the BBC and producing and directing films for a number of high profile corporations.


He has also edited critically acclaimed and award-winning documentaries and TV series for television and a feature docu-drama for the 'silver screen'. Recently Dan has edited several feature films for theatrical release and edit-produced for television.


'Dan Lincoln is a one-man film making outfit.'

                                                              Nick Park CBE (Creator of Wallace & Gromit)

'Dan has always brought a high level of innovation and visual creativity and I  was always very impressed by his ability to craft story.'

                                                          Wendy Darke  (Exec and former Head - BBC NHU)



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